Our Services:

Our Team of Export Professionals, which is composed of High-Qualified Managers, offers a full range of Consulting and Assistance Services for your Export and Foreign Trade.

Our primary goal is to bring Your Company on the Italian market, so that you will be able to exploit the countless opportunities it offers, thus Increasing Your Turnover, by achieving a rapid Development of Your Export Sales.


1. Personal Export Office
2. Personal Export Manager
Marketing Actions
Managing Your Export Activities in Italy
Fairs, Exhibitions and Advertising
Customs & Shipping Operations


1. Your Personal Export Office Directly in Italy!

At very convenient prices, we put at your disposal our Export Managers, who will take care of Your Export to Italy directly from INTRADE headquarters, constantly interfacing with Your Company.
This is a smart and convenient solution for you, as
INTRADE will be Your External Export Office based in Italy, thus making it possible to eliminate the high costs for managing an internal staff.
This Incoming Service by
INTRADE is aimed, in particular, at Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that often do not possess their own internal structure for Export, although having a significant potential to export their products on the Italian market.      To get more information >>>

2. Personal Export Manager

At more than affordable prices, we put at your disposal one or more of our Export Managers, who will take care of Your Export to Italy directly at Your Company's headquarters, by providing a complete Export Assistance, working in synergy with Your Business reality. 
This service by
INTRADE  is aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), that often do not possess their own internal structure for Export, although having a significant potential to export their products.      To get more information >>>

3. Marketing Actions

3.1 A very effective and focused Research of the best Italian Customers and/or Suppliers for Your Company.
3.2 The most suitable and aggressive Promotion of Your Products and / or Services on the rich Italian Market, in order to achieve significant sales and a rapid and steady Growth of Your Export Sales.
3.3 Creating, organising, developing and consolidating commercial Dealer Networks on the Italian territory, for the most effective distribution of Your Products and / or the most rapid diffusion of Your Services.
3.4 Traveling across Italy on your specific assignment, to conduct the promotion and marketing of Your products with well-established and/or potential customers.

4. Managing Your Export Activities in Italy

4.1 Formulating and drawing up international contracts.
4.2 Formulating and drawing up Offers, Proforma Invoices and Order Confirmations relevant to Your Products (in Italian language or any other language).
4.3 Management of the Letters of Credit opened in favour of Your Company by Italian customers: an extremely accurate initial checking, requesting any necessary amendment and subsequent negotiation of the Documentary Credit.
4.4 Management of Stand-by Letters of Credit, Guarantee Letters, various kinds of Bonds (e.g. Advance Payment Bonds), etc.
4.5 Studying carefully any Italian Tender specifications and subsequent preparation of all documentation required for participating in Tenders in Italy.
4.6 Managing Your Multilingual Business Correspondence (writing Letters, Faxes, E-mails, etc.) in Italian and in the major foreign languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and so on. Being INTRADE company also Specialized in High Quality Translation and Language Services, we will be able to handle any language contact with Your customers or suppliers, even in Arabic, Chinese and Japanese, providing a perfect multilingual support.
4.7 Entertaining and managing phone contacts with Your Italian customers, both potential and well-established (technical and commercial inquiries, requests for quotations, requests for after sale technical assistance, communications of any kind, promotion of Your Products and/or Services, etc.), in order to strengthen and further develop the trade relations conducted by Your Company on the Italian Market.
4.8 Multilingual Translations of Use and Maintenance Technical Manuals, Spare Parts Catalogues, Leaflets, Brochures, Technical Specifications, Price Lists, legal and financial documents (e.g. Balance Sheets), and so on. Our Translation services also cover any upgrade or linguistic development of Your Web Site.

5. Fairs, Exhibitions and Advertising

5.1 Direct participation in Fairs and Exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, concerning every sector of industry, agriculture, trade and services, to which Your Company will participate as Exhibitor or Visitor.
5.2 Organization of Fairs and Exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad: preparation of the whole documentation necessary for participating in domestic and international Fairs regarding the specific sector which your company operates in.
5.3 Authors of texts: refined and effective development or revision of texts for Your Manuals, Catalogues, Brochures, Advertising Campaigns and Web Sites.

6. Customs, Shipping & Logistic Operations


Consulting and Assistance Services relevant to International Shipping, Logistics and Customs operations for the Export of Your Products to Italy. The Italian Market may sometimes present complex customs rules and documentary procedures.

6.2 Managing any practice and activity required with Shipping Companies and Forwarding Agents, Customs Offices, Chambers of Commerce, Insurance Companies, Banks, Embassies and Consulates.

Tailored Consulting Services concerning any Rule or Procedure which regulates the International Trade (Customs Operations, Rules and Regulations specific to each individual country, International Forms of Payment, etc.).


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